Home Security for the Home Owner

Exterior Doors

The first and most visible home safety devices are your doors and garage doors englewood fl. It’s wise to research the most suitable for your needs. There are a variety of doors available in several different materials.

Fiberglass is a practical choice because they are reasonably priced, low-maintenance and high-performance; can withstand wear and tear better than steel doors and can easily be painted. The hold up well to severe weather with the only caveat is that they can crack under severe pressure but should be fine for most uses. Fiberglass doors are unlike wood or steel doors in that durable fiberglass is resistant to cracking, warping, splitting and denting. Look for one that provides reinforcement for resistance against forced entry.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

Steel doors account for about half the market. are reasonably priced for those on a modest budget while offering the security of the most expensive fiberglass and wood doors. While they don’t offer the same weather resistance as more expensive options they require little maintenance.

Wood doors stand up to abuse best but they are more expensive and need more maintenance to look good. Door knobs and locksets are important considerations for home security.Because doorknobs are designed to be able to open, close, and lock doors frequently it’s important to make sure that you choose ones that smoothly and efficiently while being able to stand up to long term use. Look for a quality set made from high-quality steel and brass. Quality locksets come in many finishes that plated with brass, bronze or similar finishes.


There are several types of locksets including cylindrical which will require an independent deadbolt for security. A better choice would be a Mortise lockset which contains the workings for the knob or lever handle, latch, and deadbolt.

If you have chosen a door with glass panes near the doorknob or with glass sidelights, consider a double-cylinder deadbolt lock if it is allowed in your municipality.This time of lock will require the use of a key both to lock on the outside and on the inside. This will eliminate the possibility that someone can break the glass and reach in to open but an important safety consideration would be the possibility of an emergency where the entrance to the house is needed.

If you have installed a security keypad near a door with a glass panel make sure that it’s not visible from the doorstep. As always, price does determine quality so get the best one door hardware that you can afford.