Garage Doors

A garage door monitor is a good investment to make sure that you haven’t forgotten to close the door. Any monitor will work since its simply a matter of attaching to the door and putting the monitor in a place where you can see it.

For the best security option choose an automatic door closer which will close the door whether you’re home or not. Installation is not difficult but does require some electric wiring. The whole job shouldn’t take more than an hour.

garage doors

And don’t forget the door leading from your garage into your house. This should be treated as any other exterior door and equipped with a comparable lock set including a dead bolt if needed.

Add Motion detector lighting being a good choice because it would be a greater attention getter than regular lighting.

Hurricane Shutters

Door Depot of SW Florida Inc, offers several types of hurricane shutters at various affordable prices. Below gives a brief description about your options:

Automatic Rolldown Shutters must be pre-installed. These are installed above the window with tracks on either side and lock at the bottom. Large windows and doors will require additional reinforcement and they can be motorized to speed installation when they’re needed.

Accordion Shutters are similar to Rolldown shutters in that they are pre-installed but instead of being installed at the top of the window, they are installed at the side and pull out across the window and lock in the middle of the window. They are cheaper and more work than the Rolldown shutters.


Bahama Shutters

These are also pre-installed and can act as awnings when not needed for hurricane protection. Installation for storms requires the supports before locking the shutters onto the building. Prices vary but cheaper shutters might not be strong enough to stand up to flying debris.

Awning Shutters

These are similar to Bahama shutters but instead use awnings that can be folded down and fastened to the wall when needed. Again cheaper versions might not provide enough protection.

Storm Panel Shutters

Storm Panel Shutters

must be installed prior to each use and require more work and require the use of channels at top and bottom that must be installed prior to use.

Plywood Shutters

Are the least expensive option but require more work. To be effective the plywood chosen needs to be at least 5/8″ thick and must be installed using lag bolts or barrel bolts that fasten into the building. Like Storm Panel Shutters these must be removed and stored for future use.